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The best

Worked perfectly well

Sweet Cookie Gummies - Probiotics

Cookie vitamin

The boric acid is really nice tbvh. My period is not as regular as it should because of the infection but right now I’m ovulating and I think it was as the result of the cookie vitamin I just finished using.

Cookie vitamin

I actually love it, just few days of using and odour has completely vanish and no more cheesy discharge. I’m looking forward to trying other products from you

Amazing as usual. Cant do without my boric acid

You sell the best boric

This is my second purchase of wholesale boric suppository’s from you . And it’s been nothing but amazing reviews from my clients . Kudos to you 👍

Triple action boric suppository

Love it!❤️

Cookie vitamins

This Product is 🔥Awesome, It brought my confidence back... God bless you a million times... I'm proud to be fresh cookie babe😍

On UTI tea

Firstly fresh cookie lab is one of the best brand have known though I stopped using you guy products coz I couldn't afford it.... But this UTI tea I got and since have been using it there this relief in my abdomen my lower belly is so free and I feel very light in by body after using the UTI tea for 10 day though I haven't gone too run test again but have really noticed a lot of changes in my body God bless you Annie you are such a understand person you don't just sell your products because you want too but you always prefere solutions for your customers, and I will also love too yet the probiotic gummies when I have money,

Sweet Cookie Gummies - Probiotics
Oreoluwa Janet Akanbi
Boric Acid & Probiotic Gummies

In the past few days that I’ve been using the cookie vitamin and the probiotic gummies, it’s been a game changer for me! It made me feel so refreshed and renewed, I love how it helps maintain the balance down and I must say this, my cookie smell like fresh flowers and also the gummies makes everything more fresh which makes my cookie taste good and smell fresh I can’t wait to try the minty wash I’m very sure the three combination’s will make buy a crown for my cookie, thank you so much for these wonderful products… Take you crown Abeg.

Sweet cookie

I’m so proud of you FreshCookieLab CEO.This is my 5th order,I introduced all my friends and families to get your products,and they did! each and everyone of them have something nice to say, especially the cookies vitamin!! Wowww!! You are just the best!!! What of the cookies cleanser? That one is giving: “hey boo I smell nice down there🤪” where should I start from? I had to order the (Holy Grail minty bundle)🥰
Baby girl please don’t take this goodness out of Nigeria!!!! Thank you!!!
Less I forget!!! Your shipment is so easy and fast too!keep it up!!!

Increase pack size

Great product and very effective. However, for the Probiotic gummies, I would suggest having a 60 or 90 gummies pack size as the 30-packed size tends to finish quickly.

UTI Be Gone Tea
Amachree Victoria

Your products are really wonderful I can’t lie I feel so refreshed I was supposed to stop drinking the tea but I can’t still 😭 it works 💯thank you

Boric acid suppository

This product works like magic. By the 3rd day of using the boric acid suppository, I couldn't find the discharge and fishy smell I had noticed in my vjay anymore.

Sweet Cookie Gummies - Probiotics

Thank you so much Anne for this wonderful product,Good reviews everywhere and an opportunity to Start up something for myself,please kindly consider the probiotics gummies in wholesale ❤️

Holy Grail Minty Bundle
Marian Okorobeki
Review of the mint wash.

Hello,good morning.
Aside that mint stuff,your product is and has always been the best.
Have been using for 3 years now and introduced my friends to it and they love it.
Please you can make the cold sensation mint wash for people who loves it.



Womb Cleanse
Bibiana Isong
Boric acid

So after using it, first it was itching and then blood clot for some days. I think it was too active on my body.

Though I haven't been able to go back to run another test to see the changes but I can feel it I don't longer get itching on my coochies thanks to the fresh cookies lap and I'll sure get more products soon

Cookie Vitamins Boric Acid Suppository (Triple Action Formula)


Cookie Cleanser Normal Wash
Chinenye Omavuezi

Product is lovely works the magic

Unbelievably good!!!

Since using the Holy grail minty set this past week, my kitty is the freshest it has ever been. These days I sniff my panties a lot because of how unbelievably odourless and clean my kitty is😄.
Freshcookielab sure deserves the world for this innovation that helps women.