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Womb Cleanse

Womb Cleanse

141 total reviews

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Reset for your body

Womb Cleanse is a herbal tea formulated to help all women whose hormones and cycles are out of balance.

The Womb Cleanse was made for women looking for help to restore their cycle, stop the effects of synthetic birth control hormones, improve PMS symptoms, improve fertility and prepare the body for pregnancy.

A tea that helps regulate hormones with nutrients clinically proven to promote hormone harmony*, take this tea for at least 2-3+ cycles for optimal benefits.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I make the Womb Cleanse Tea? 


  • Use one tea bag a day to make a quantity you’d drink two times daily
  • Eat before drinking always
  • Don't drink while hot
  • Don't drink while on period and when blood is out as this may lead to flooding ( increased flow of blood)
  • Take it 5 days a week only. 
  • You can leave the tea to steep overnight and drink twice daily the next day. 
How long should I take the Womb Cleanse?
Take for at least 2-3+ cycles for optimal benefits. Especially if you are coming off of hormonal birth control after an extended period of time. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Bibiana Isong
Boric acid

So after using it, first it was itching and then blood clot for some days. I think it was too active on my body.

Tested and Trusted(Holy Grail Bundle)

For over 3 years I've been a fresh cookie babe and I tell you it's been complete bliss. I highly recommend this brand 👌

Henrietta Ozono -Okeri
Cookie Vitamins

Very good, since I started using it no smell and I feel completely great. Great Product and would order as soon as mine get finished.

Ogechi Ethel

Womb Cleanse

Chioma Onwuegbu
Sweet cookie/cookie wash mint

Ate the cookies in 3days...

The mint is so perfect, I don't bother about smells down there when I sweat.